What is a typical timeline for a sale?

Ans: We generally require at least 2-3 weeks to prepare for a sale. That allows time for set-up, to research items, contact our prior customers, take pictures, and prepare advertising. We can also coordinate the sale so it does not conflict with other events around town.

What items should be removed from the home before and estate sale?

Ans: Please remove all medications and any personal items that are sentimental or that family members wish to retain.

What does EstateSalesAustinTX charge to conduct a sale?

Ans: We typically charge 35% of the gross sales proceeds. There are no upfront costs or fees. The percentage may be adjusted slightly (up or down), depending on the amount of set-up and cleaning required prior to the sale.

How do you determine the price of the items included for sale?

Ans: We utilize price guides and the internet for antiques and collectibles and take in account rarity and desirability. We also rely on past prices obtained for like items and consult with experts with knowledge in specific areas..

What methods of advertising are utilized?

Ans: We advertise in the local newspaper, on our website, on Craigslist (complete with pictures), with our email contact list and with signs strategically placed in the neighborhood the weekend of the sale.

What becomes of the items that do not sell?

Ans: We help coordinate the donation of these items to a charity of the client’s choice. We also make continued efforts to sell higher value items after the sale