Other Options

In addition to a full estate sale, we can offer the following options:

Consignment: This method is an alternative approach for the sale of specific merchandise of your choice. Items that are consigned to us will be offered for sale at one of our upcoming estate sales or on the internet. These items are usually furniture or collectibles. We usually charge 30-35% of the sale proceeds.

Combined Sale: Perhaps you do not have enough articles for a sale or don’t wish to hold a sale. We can combine your furniture and other items with another estate to complete a sale. These items can be transported to a location of an upcoming sale. We treat these items similar to consignments.

Valuation Search: Some people like to conduct their own sales. They would like to obtain guidance about how to perform the task and get some assistance with pricing and values. For an hourly fee, we can meet with you and give you pointers on making your sale successful. We can also identify the more valuable merchandise and suggest avenues to maximize your sales profits.